Wau-Ke-Na Art Walk 2012

The weather couldn’t have been better for the 2012 Wau-Ke-Na Art Walk – well, maybe a few degrees cooler but all-in-all it was great.  I had to leave just after lunch because of other commitments, but there seemed to be a very good turn out of both artists and spectators.

While painting near the pond closest to the street, I noticed I was in the company of some very talented local artist like Max Matteson and Don Marek to name a few.  The artistic energy was definitely in abundance and I was thrilled to be able to absorb some of it.

At the last minute I decided to leave my oil paints behind and paint with watercolors this year.  I find painting en plein air, in nature, with watercolors especially challenging.  Although I didn’t turn out any work that I was extremely pleased with, I did enjoy myself and the practice is always worth while.

When I returned to the gallery to wrap things up, I was pleased, but at the same time somewhat saddened to find that my large floral in oil had sold.  It’s always great to sell a painting, but I was was especially attached to this one.  Partly because it was a family favorite, especially that of my step-son Orlando, and partly because I painted it in my friend and mentor, James Brandess’ studio.

Thank you Jerry Kollig and the many volunteers for your efforts in making this event a success again this year.

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