Red Fusion Exhibit

The “Red Fusion” exhibit in Benton Harbor, MI was a wonderful experience.  I exhibited my abstracts and painted one on site from start to finish while viewers watched and asked questions.  Talk about “out of my comfort zone,” – I’m usually locked away in deep concentration when I paint.

Attendees were able to bid on pieces they liked via a blind auction.  Although I’m so glad this painting sold (wet), I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t want to part with it.  I was looking for an explosive combinations of color and think I achieved it here.

I used a lot of paint and put it on super heavy.  The couple that purchased this had to come back and pick it up when the paint was dry enough to move.



The other paintings I exhibited…


Wau-Ke-Na Art Walk 2012

The weather couldn’t have been better for the 2012 Wau-Ke-Na Art Walk – well, maybe a few degrees cooler but all-in-all it was great.  I had to leave just after lunch because of other commitments, but there seemed to be a very good turn out of both artists and spectators.

While painting near the pond closest to the street, I noticed I was in the company of some very talented local artist like Max Matteson and Don Marek to name a few.  The artistic energy was definitely in abundance and I was thrilled to be able to absorb some of it.

At the last minute I decided to leave my oil paints behind and paint with watercolors this year.  I find painting en plein air, in nature, with watercolors especially challenging.  Although I didn’t turn out any work that I was extremely pleased with, I did enjoy myself and the practice is always worth while.

When I returned to the gallery to wrap things up, I was pleased, but at the same time somewhat saddened to find that my large floral in oil had sold.  It’s always great to sell a painting, but I was was especially attached to this one.  Partly because it was a family favorite, especially that of my step-son Orlando, and partly because I painted it in my friend and mentor, James Brandess’ studio.

Thank you Jerry Kollig and the many volunteers for your efforts in making this event a success again this year.

Wau-Ke-Na Art Walk

The Wau-Ke-Na Art Walk was great fun.  The weather was beautiful and the preserve was awesome.  Thanks to Jerry Kollig, Richard Jordan and all those who volunteered to make this such a great event.  I’m looking forward to participating next year.

The good and bad news…

Good news – my plein air oil paintings sold wet right off the easel.

Bad news – I didn’t get any pictures.

Thanks again fellow PAAWM!


Studio Models Wanted

I’m always looking for models – any age, size or shape.  Modeling sessions usually last for 2 – 3 hrs with poses ranging from 5 minutes and up, depending on the experience and comfort level of the model.  Models can be either clothed or in the nude.

If you are interested in modeling, please contact me.


Artist Gala – May 27, 2010

Thanks to all those who attended the Gala on the 27th.  Special thanks go out to Teresa and Zack Zerfas, Angela Carrion and Mrs. Johandes for all their hard work preparing the venue, food and beverages.

Sam Phillippe opened and Delilah & the Lost Boys rocked till closing.  Good times were had by all I think.

Thanks Trisha Lynn, Susan Gorgas, Laura Pentecost, Regina Marie (the other artists) for your effort, encouragement and participation.