*Watercolor Paintings


“Street Scene 1″ – 10″x14” watercolor painting of a  Zbukvic original – not available

"Street Scene" 10" x 14" Watercolor

“Street Scene 2″ – 10″ x 14” watercolor painting of a Zbukvic original – not available

Tower Marina

Harbor Marina – not available

"Pumpernickels" 15"x22" Watercolor

“Pumpernickels” – 15″x22″ watercolor

Female Nude 5

Nude – not available

"Dog Shadow" 15"22" Watercolor

“Dog Shadow” –  15″22″ watercolor

"Street Vendor" 15"x22" Watercolor - SOLD

“Street Vendor”  – 15″x22″ watercolor – not available

"French Market" 15"x22" Watercolor

“French Market” – 15″x22″ watercolor

"Red Flags" 15"x22" Watercolor

“Red Flags”  –  15″x22″ watercolor

"Across the Kalamazoo" 15"x22" watercolor

“Across the Kalamazoo” – 15″x22″ watercolor

"Early Spring" 15"x22" Watercolor

“Early Spring”  – 15″x22″ watercolor

"Me Painting Him Painting" 15"x22" watercolor

“Me Painting Him Painting” – 15″x22″ watercolor

"Late Summer Sunset" 22"x30" watercolor - SOLD

“Late Summer Sunset” – 22″x30″ watercolor – Not Available

"Rudy" 22"x30" watercolor - NOT AVAILABLE

“Rudy”  –  22″x30″ watercolor – NOT AVAILABLE

"Floral"  30"x22" watercolor

“Floral” –  30″x22″ watercolor

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